Prof. Gabriele Poole



Hello! This is the HOME PAGE of the 2018-19 courses in Letteratura Inglese I that I teach at the Corso di Laurea in Lingue at University of Cassino.

The course is divided into sections that can be reached through the links above (INTRO, SYLLABUS, EXAM, ARCHIVE). In the SYLLABUS section, besides the course schedule, you find a description of what we have done at each lesson with exercises you can download and do at home if you haven't already done them in class. In EXAM you find a description of the course program and the final exam. . In ARCHIVE you find a lot of material, also relative to other courses. Some of this material might be used for your exam. This is all, if, after having checked out the website, you have further doubts write to poole@libero.it