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Course has started on Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Schedule: Classes will be Tuesday 11-13 in classroom ?

and Thursday (via Zamosch, classroom 2) 16-18

Office hours (ricevimento): Via Zamosch Thursday at 11, pal. B, floor 4, room 1


History of England: Hyberians, arrival of the Celts, Roman Invasion, the Anglo-Saxons

During the lesson the following slide-show was shown (up to the Anglo-Saxons):

poole.it/cassino/2018_19 Letteratura Inglese/History of England - From the Iberians to the Normans.pdf

HOMEWORK: Review the slides and read Witness to the Times from page 12 to page 24


History of England: the Anglo Saxon, beginning of Scandinavian raids, king Alfred, Danelaw. Expansion of Wessex and establishing of the Kingdom of England. Sweyn and the Danish kings. Ethelred and Harald.

Witness of the times 25-32


Scaricare e stampare i seguenti testi:

Studio opzionale per eventuale orale:

BEOWULF (testo italiano) poole.it/cassino/2018_19 Letteratura Inglese/Beowulf - Brunetti colonna singola.doc

poole.it/cassino/2018_19 Letteratura Inglese/Risala.doc



poole.it/cassino/2018_19 Letteratura Inglese/Beowulf foto manoscritto.jpg

Studiare sul manuale Beowulf e the Battle of Maldon. Esercitarsi alla comprensione del testo anche avvalendosi della seguente traduzione:

Battle of Maldon: poole.it/cassino/2018_19 Letteratura Inglese/Byrnoth con traduzione interlineare.doc

LESSON 4: TUESDAY, March the 19th, 2019

Finita lettura di Beowulf

Appunti sul Beowulf: poole.it/cassino/2018_19 Letteratura Inglese/Beowulf - trama passi da leggere.doc


LESSON 5: THURSDAY, March 26, 2019

poole.it/cassino/2018_19 Letteratura Inglese/Wife's Lament INGLESE.doc

poole.it/cassino/2018_19 Letteratura Inglese/The Wife's Lament.doc

poole.it/cassino/2018_19 Letteratura Inglese/the rood.doc

poole.it/cassino/2018_19 Letteratura Inglese/the rood - interlineare.doc

Finire il periodo anglo-sassone

Britain’s invasions

poole.it/cassino/2018_19 Letteratura Inglese/pic_battle_hastings01.jpg



LESSON 6: Thursday, April 2nd, 2019

Homework: Study Witness of the Times till page 67

Review the work done in class using the following materials

Important dates in English History (up to The Black Death): poole.it/cassino/2018_19 Letteratura Inglese/inghilterra.doc

Version of the song Sumer is Icumen in: poole.it/cassino/2018_19 Letteratura Inglese/Sumer is Icumen in (The Hilliard Ensemble).mp4

LESSON 7: Thursday, April 4th, 2019

Homework: Study Witness of the times up to page 85

Transition from Anglo-Saxon to Middle English:;

Note grammatical and lexical differences in the Lord's Prayer:

poole.it/cassino/2018_19 Letteratura Inglese/Our father - anglosaxon to modern English.doc

Study the prologue of the Canterbury Tales, noting the differences between Middle English and Modern English: Geoffrey Chaucer (1342-1400) - "The Canterbury Tales", from General Prologue, ll. 1-42

LESSON 8: Tuesday, April the 9th, 2019

Chaucer: read and translate into Italian passages on the Doctor, Wife of Bath and the Prioress

LESSON 9: Thursday, April the 11th, 2019

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Morte Darthur, Everyman

Optional material:

poole.it/cassino/2018_19 Letteratura Inglese/Sir Gawain and the Green Knight - Middle English.pdf

poole.it/cassino/2018_19 Letteratura Inglese/Sir Gawain and the Green Knight - Modern Eng - Weston.pdf

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

poole.it/cassino/ARCHIVE/LITERATURE/Arthur - King - Britannica.pdf

poole.it/cassino/ARCHIVE/LITERATURE/arthurian legend.pdf

LESSON 10: Tuesday, April the 30th 2019

History from Henry VII to James I; transition from feudalism to the modern age; The arts: Hans Holbein, Robert Smython, Inigo Jones. Music (madrigals)

Literature: Witness of the Times 146-152

In addition to the above, students should study the following:

LESSON 11: Thursday, May 2n 2019

Witness of the Times 153-160

poole.it/cassino/2018_19 Letteratura Inglese/april is in my mistress face.doc

poole.it/cassino/2018_19 Letteratura Inglese/April is in my Mistress's Face.pdf

Various versions of the song are available on Youtube, and for those who sing  many resources are available on ChoralWiki.

LESSON 12: Tuesday, May 7th

Witness of the Times: 160

poole.it/cassino/2018_19 Letteratura Inglese/Amour courtois – Courtly Love - Amor cortese.pptx

poole.it/cassino/2018_19 Letteratura Inglese/Lily - Euphuistic language - TRANSLATION.docx

Euphuistic language

poole.it/cassino/2018_19 Letteratura Inglese/Sidney - Loving in truth - TRANSLATION.docx

poole.it/cassino/2018_19 Letteratura Inglese/Sidney - Loving in truth.docx

LESSON 13 Thursday, May 9th (Lingua 13-15)

poole.it/cassino/2018_19 Letteratura Inglese/Sidney - Come Sleep - original - TRANSLATION.docx

poole.it/cassino/2018_19 Letteratura Inglese/Sidney - Come Sleep - original .docx


poole.it/cassino/2018_19 Letteratura Inglese/Spenser - One day I wrote her name upon the sand TRANSLATION.docx

LESSON 14 Thursday, May 16th

Visione Otello in italiano con sottotitoli in inglese


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LESSON 15 Thursday, May 30th

La lezione inizierà alle ore 14.30

Traduzione e commento di To a Flea

Il teatro elisabettiano

Otello e Amleto